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Vancouver Westside Census map

Vancouver Bewitched by Market Numbers

Vancouver is a city on edge. With the region’s mayors declaring a homelessness crisis, long-standing concerns about affordable housing in the city and surrounding municipalities remain on the boil. The upcoming provincial election will surely keep housing top-of-mind. There are a lot of bewitching numbers out there, however. Many people try to use them for […]

road horizon

What’s Your Real Estate Exit Strategy?

Paul Simon may have crooned the 50 ways to leave your lover, but when it comes to real estate, how many of us make a new plan? Contrary to Simon’s lyric, there’s often much to discuss when it comes to setting ourselves free of a property. While most of us buy thinking that one day […]

Vancouver wine festival tasting

Westside Wine Shops with Festival Spirit

This year’s Vancouver International Wine Festival celebrates Canada, but when there’s no reason for the fun to end when the tastings finish. As a student, I often marvelled at the bottles tossed into the recycling bins of my well-to-do Point Grey neighbours. It seemed like everyone could afford more than the plonk my friends and […]

sasamat gardens townhouse

Vancouver Affordability Crisis Highlights New Opportunities

Point Grey condos are a key part of my business, and a cornerstone of Vancouver Westside real estate. Detached homes worth millions of dollars make most of the headlines here, but the region’s major multifamily developers have built hundreds of multifamily units at UBC. UBC condos, in fact, represent the single biggest concentration of apartments […]

Real Estate Board Market Update

Have Vancouver Housing Markets Really Shifted?

The daily media predictably jumped all over the sharp decrease in sales activity that followed a jump in the property transfer tax for foreign purchasers of residential real estate in Metro Vancouver. “Vancouver property sales plunge as foreign-buyers tax takes effect,” proclaimed one headline; “September home sales plunge nearly 33% in Metro Vancouver,” ran another. […]

Canada Line Airbnb ad

Is Your Home’s Guest Suite a Hotel Room?

Airbnb has positioned some eye-grabbing advertisements at the entrance to Broadway-City Hall station. A few steps away, city politicians say the popular booking service isn’t welcome in Vancouver. Not if it prevents people from renting their units to long-term tenants, anyway. The city has taken a strong stand in support of measures designed to increase […]

Granville Island Brewing porcelain tap

Westside Hops to the Craft Beer Beat

The crisp days of autumn are here. While many people associate a cold beer with summer’s heat, there’s something to be said for the darker ales as the leaves start falling. Craft brewers are already rolling out barrels made with the bounty of B.C.’s hopyards, just in time for Oktoberfest celebrations and its own made-in-B.C. […]

Mobi bike rentals Arbutus Vancouver

Bike Rentals Come to the Westside

Vancouver is all about the great outdoors: we love our views, we love our beaches, and those of us who travel the city on two wheels love the bike paths. This summer, the city went a step further towards encouraging cycling with the launch of a public bike rental program, Mobi, after five years of […]

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