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Kitsilano Preschools

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Kitsilano is a great place to raise a family – it’s close to a number of great parks, there’s easy access to shopping, and if you’re lucky enough to have a good babysitter, there are plenty of places to head out for dinner and drinks. But one of the main reasons families look to move to Kitsilano is the education. If you’re looking for a top-notch preschool for your child, there are several great preschools in the area for your children to join. Here are just a few options that your young ones are sure to love.

Educating Through Experience: Pacific Rim Montessori Academy

Yes, there is a Montessori school in Kitsilano! Montessori’s philosophy is to cater to each child’s social, physical, emotional and intellectual needs, and this is done through purposeful activities that will help your child grow before it’s time to go to school. Montessori teaching believes in developing self-awareness and self-worth at a young age so that a child may grow into a well-rounded adult. To explore the Montessori method, visit 1819 Larch Ave (near 2nd Ave) in Kitsilano or visit for more information.

 First Step: Bayview Community Preschool

Bayview Community Preschool is part of the Bayview Community School, located at the corner of 7th Ave and Collingwood Street. This preschool is a great option for local families who want their kids to start making lifelong friends before they even get to school, as many children who start at this preschool end up going to the community school, too. Bayview is a warm and welcoming place for newcomers who want to meet new friends and learn new things – if you are new to the area, check out Bayview as an option for your kids. You can find Bayview Community Preschool by visiting 2251 Collingwood Street, or by going online to

Community Education: Tiggy Winkle Preschool

Located inside the Kitsilano Community Centre, Tiggy Winkle Preschool is a great place for kids to learn and play. Children ages 3 and 4 will flourish in this dynamic learning environment where teachers work with children in small groups to help them be their very best. With class sizes capped at 20 students and two teachers to serve them, you can be assured that your child receives one-on-one attention each day. Tiggy Winkle is also a great place for music, art, dance and outdoor play. Free-range kids should apply! Find Tiggy Winkle Preschool inside the Kitsilano Community Centre at 2690 Larch Street, or visit for more information.

Jingle All the Way: West Side Music Together

While West Side Music Together isn’t a traditional preschool, this facility is something to consider when moving to the area. Music Together classes are for all ages – children and parents can enjoy making music together in a relaxed atmosphere; it’s a great way to bond with your child and get them to learn music from a young age. Music Together has a mixed class where young children and their parents can share songs, learn instruments and play in a non-performance-oriented setting. Classes are just 45 minutes long – perfect for tiny attention spans. Find West Side Music Together at the Kitsilano Community Centre, or find them online at

Kitsilano is a great place for the whole family, and Kitsilano preschools are just the start. This lovely area has great elementary schools, community groups, sports clubs and volunteer organizations where you can get involved and meet the people in your neighbourhood. If you’re considering moving your family to Kitsilano, any of these great preschools will give them the educational head start they need to succeed in later education.

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