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Five Great Coffee Shops in Vancouver’s Westside

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One thing Vancouverites get to lord over the rest of the country, aside from the mild winters and beautiful springs, is the host of amazing independent restaurants and coffee shops that make our city a vibrant, artistic place to call home. Vancouver’s Westside in particular is a beacon for some absolutely fantastic roasters and baristas. There is nothing quite like being a regular at a local coffee shop. Whether you’re looking for a place to call your new “home coffee shop” or just a unique place to duck in to from time to time when you’re in the neighbourhood, read on for some local coffee inspiration.

Experience Italian Passion at Caffe Artigiano

Obviously the Italians have a passion for coffee like no one else, and Caffe Artigiano is a perfect example of that. Centred on Italian themes of artistry, comfortable surroundings and excellent coffee, this place has been a rising star on the coffee scene since it was first founded in 2000. They serve quality espresso as well a several coffee blends.

Check Out Local Roasters Forty Ninth Parallel

The founders of Forty Ninth Parallel, Michael and Vince, are so serious about roasting coffee that they travelled around the world to meet coffee farmers and ensure that the beans their company buys are of the highest quality imaginable. That kind of quality is hard to match, and certainly hard to turn down when you come across it. You’ll love your experience here because they’ve kept the same commitment to quality throughout everything they’ve done in the store. Says Vince of the quality they strive for, “we love creating something from organic. We have to take this green coffee that is grown thousands of miles away, we bring it in and then we have to develop it into something fine that our customers will love. We roast and sample every coffee that comes in here. Absolutely every coffee has to be cupped.”

Caffe Cittadella Serves Food and Coffee

Caffe Cittadella is a well known bistro and coffee shop serving, guess what, Forty Ninth Parallel coffee! So if you want the Forty Ninth Parallel taste with a different atmosphere, check out this place. It’s located inside a beautiful heritage house with an amazing patio, making it the perfect place to stop in at on a nice spring or summer day when you just need a quick break from life.

Early Morning Java Fix at JJ Bean

JJ Bean clearly understands what it takes to get up and go every morning, because they’re open at 6AM for all of those people hammering it out on the daily grind. They began as a family owned shop on Granville Island in 1996 and now have several cafes that dot the Vancouver landscape. Their main focus is making coffee that tastes great – and if their success is any indicator, clearly they’re doing that right.

Try WE Coffee

Founded in 2010, WE coffee is all about bringing people together in community over a good cup of coffee and “the breaking of bread.” They like to be the place where the action happens: first dates, catching up with a long lost friend, important business meetings, and so on. They want to be the heart of the community. So stop on by and help them in that cause.

Vancouver has an amazing coffee scene and it has never been easier to jump right in. Getting coffee here is an amazing experience, bringing together so many creative people and elements of the city. Get out of your normal groove and try one of these awesomely unique places!

All the above are good but my first default is always to Thomas Haas. Most consistent quality though a bit crowded and sometimes you have to wait a bit for a table.

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