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3 Things to Look for When Moving into a New Neighbourhood

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In the hopes of finding the perfect home that suits their needs, some people forget to consider what kind of neighbourhood their dream home is located in. Take the following into account when choosing your new home:


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How convenient your neighbourhood is can affect your happiness — and your wallet. Is there a shopping center nearby where you can accomplish several errands at once — pick up your groceries, fill a prescription, find a last-minute hostess gift? Easy access to stores you frequent on a regular basis is key to keeping your stress level to a minimum, as well as avoiding spending too much money on gas. But the biggest convenience factor regarding your neighbourhood’s location is probably your commute to work. Unless you telecommute every day, the distance you have to drive to and from work is something you need to consider — especially if you live in a city that is notorious for rush-hour traffic. You might find the perfect house in the perfect neighbourhood, but if moving there will double your commute, will it really be worth it? [Source: Home.HowStuffWorks]

Friendly Neighbours

Your neighbours will hopefully become your friends once you move to a new area. Good relationships with those around you are important for safety and having a peaceful living experience. Stop and chat with potential neighbours to get a feel for who you might be living near. Ideally, you’ll develop good rapport, the neighbours will speak highly of one another, have regular get-togethers, and the yards will be kept clean and safe for the kids to play in. [Source: IMove]

Examine Clues

Do you see a lot of For Sale signs? Does your potential neighbourhood have a lot of cheap apartments for rent? Are the businesses downtown shutting down? These are signs that things might be on the decline. Also, picture yourself in the neighbuorhood. Go through your daily routine to make sure you’ll still have the same quality of life. For instance, if you run every morning, are the roads safe enough for your morning jog? If you bike to work, are there bike lanes for you to use? If you love grabbing a cup of coffee, is there a neighbourhood barrista for you to enjoy? Don’t forget to listen. Can you hear noise from the highway or airport? Is there a club or bar nearby that might get annoying at 2 a.m.? These are all important things to consider. [Source: Money]

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